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i find that the superstitious people who repost facebook chain comments for the purpose of avoiding a fortuitous and paranormal demise incredibly naive.  i read an amusing repost earlier today that ended with the ghost actually asking me to google their death if the repost warning posed no effect.  as if a ghost had internet access and nothing better to do online.  no one can tell me what to google :P

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I started reading this book(Flipped) last week, and I just finished a chapter and a half…BECAUSE, the .pdf copy is quite hard to read(I mean…the font is ZO SMALL, basta! It’s different from the other pdf books that I read) but despite of thiz, I decided to go on and read it(as fast as I can) because I want to watch its movie adaptation.

And Bryce and Juli is one of the “funniest” love team that I encountered/found on books.

One of my favorite books. :)

224 pages? Fine. Reading this now! The intro is pretty neat… dash! ~~~(.”)

Old Photo of Rearranged Letters

I took this photo last year when I was tasked to take down a company logo and reorganize it on a different wall. I won’t say which company it is, but I think a certain group among my friends already know (^^,)V lol